Friday, April 22, 2005

Blinkin' bloggy four day!

A Collaborative postcard
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Stuck in with the builders still who are toiling away. Thrum- thrum! Click -clack! The younger one with the bad cold has gone off in the van to get some more Lemsip one supposes? The older chap is finishing off the brickwork and hopefully they will be finished by lunchtime and I can go out. I have to re-new my prescription at the docs. after 11. Another week of anti-biopics! I don't think they are doing anything but make me feel lousy. Actually these aren't as bad as the first lot I had which made me feel very drowsy and dizzy at times.
No post today for some reason? Just my luck.
At least the sun is out. He's on his mobile phone now but can't hear what he's saying.
The washing machine is making far too much noise. Must remember to keep the socks together.
This collaborative postcard was sent back and forth in the mail to Mark Greenfield in Stoke.
Now wondering what music I can add to this. Have run out of songs about cement mixers.

Spike Jones - Wild Bill Hiccup

Spike Jones - Jones Polka

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hazel said...
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hazel said...

Yes you better keep those socks together.....
or they will be wandering all over the shop.

michael said...

Yes, those wandering socks can be tricky customers! They are all safely tucked away you'll be glad to know.
Wirrrrrrrr! Ziiiiiiip! The builders still here sawing up bits of plastic for roof by the looks of it. The back garden looks like a bomb has hit it!

Syl said...

Uh oh...bomb disaster? Blokes better do disaster relief before Hazel gets home or they might just be dusting themselves off!
Forget the is written somewhere that one sock out of three will be eaten. No one knows who has such a hunger but we knows...he has a thousand toes!

Jonathan said...

Roof??? I thought that they were just truing up the base yesterday!!! Looking forward to pictures of this... and then someday in person...

michael said...

Yep, socks, bricks, bombs and roofs. Things are moving fast around here! Just waiting for them to return to finish off- puttin g in the glass, digging some drainage, guttering, masticking the gaps, re-doing some bricks they dislodged etc. I just looked outside and there's a parking space so no need for Hazel to get up and move the car which she will be glad off. She looks forward to her saturday morning lie-in!
I've always been an early riser and was up at 6-30 and cheching blogs and Flickr and making comments. Found Angelica's nice interview with me. Thanks for the feedback Syl!