Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Nantwich and Dags Antique barns.

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We had to wait in for the chap to come from Northwich Glass this morning to see that we'd emptied the shed - which we had done, about two hours before. It was freezing cold so kept running indoors to warm up on the computer.
It didnt take long to empty and now the bottom of the garden boasts a fine pile of antique wood and garden implements.
After he's gone we went to Nantwich to see the shop museum but sadly it was closed by the time we got there! Only open 9- 12. on a wednesday for some odd reason. So we found a nice cosy cafe above a bookshop with old beams and wonky flkoor to have lunch of toasted cheese sandwiches and a pot of tea. Archie had panini's and a hot chocolate as he likes to be different.
Then to a few charity shops but we didnt find much. I got a cuban diva Cd for 99p. The "cuban Edith Piaf" it says here on the label. I didnt quite see the resemblance.
Also a DVD of the Secret Policeman's Ball for next to nothing from the Booksale shop.
Then we hunted for the road to Shapely water gardens or is it Stapely? But found oursleves on the long windy road the Whitchurch which we found out was comepletely the opposite direction after we found a lay-by and consulted the map!
We found it eventually and the dags Antique barns nearby full of expensive tat to admire and ridicule. Archie found a big ol' pile of Beanos for quids and also a nice bookshop feller knocked a few quid off as he could see Archie was a collector and would be back for more.


Roger Stevens said...

I felt I had to leave a comment here as it was looking so lonely with none.

Jilly's in London today. A good writing stint ahead. Then this afternoon a meal to plan with visiting friends. I wonder what we'll have. I fancy trying something brand new.

michael said...

How about some lovely fricaseed advocado and peanu butter bombs with a tarasamonella dressing?