Sunday, November 28, 2004

In the middle row of the Regal.

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What better way to spend a damp Sunday afternoon than watching Pixar's latest offeringThe Incrediblesat the Regal cinema with a giant packet of popcorn and a giant Coke (with three straws!). The film was great and much better than Finding Nemo though not as funny as Toy Story (1 or 2). A must see for all the family. The little short film about a sheep at the beginning was worth the admission price alone. Hazel's tooth behaved itself which was good too. The traffic through town was terrible due to road works so good job we set out a bit earlier than normal.
Otherwise another lazy Sunday, reading the papers and watching TV and blogging etc. The collage is from a concertina book I made for an artist's book exhibition in Manchester a few years back.


Syl said...

Just in the nick of time! Sorry
offerings on TV this week and I
loved Finding "The Incredibles"
it shall be! What's this about a film clip
aobut a sheep?
Glad Hazels tooth is better!
Great find on the label maker.

cemenTIMental said...

The Incredibles certainly lives up to it's name!!! Saw it in Leicester Square the other day... Only downside when I saw it was the digital projection... every 'advance' in movie technology is actually a step backwards visually... :( It was way to low resolution for my liking... i could see pixels! But was nice to see a film really nice + clear with no dust + scratches! I just hope digital projecting improves a lot before it becomes standard, otherwise I'll be irritated every time I go to the cinema! (actually the films themselves are usually enough to do that! ^_^)

Will go again to our local grotty multiplex + see it on actual film anyway!

I actually wasn't too keen on the sheep short, quite nice but a bit too generic, I thought the Incredibles was a great progression from pixar's previous stuff tho. I'm really glad it ended up so good, nice to see some genuine progress in hollywood animation... director Brad Bird's previous feature 'the iron giant' was also amazing but sadly overlooked, so it's nice that he's seeing the success he deserves now!

Not at all sure about Pixar's forthcoming 'Cars' tho! Looks kind of awful from the trailer I saw! :-S

michael said...

Glad you enjoyed the Incredibles too Tim. Sounds like a step backwards with the digital projection you saw. Apparently, thanks to helpful Pixar website, they test out new ideas, animators and processes on the short films so maybe that explains the generic storyline and cuteness of the characters but hazel feels its done in an "ironic" way. Either way, I thought it was very funny and the song was great( by Bud Luckey).